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For the first time in the Iranian Automotive industry, a tripartite agreement has been made through a meeting with attendance of Iran Khodaro (IKCO) President,    Mr. Yekeh Zare, between Iranian Company of Tisser and BDI an accredited Italian Company, to establish a joint design-company.

Based on this agreement from now on it will be possible to design an entire Vehicle in Iran, except engine and gearbox elements which have separate procedures.  This key step is the result of the IKCO President’s continuous pursuance, with the goal of completing the Iranian Automotive Industry puzzle.  This event not only makes this chance for our experts to learn the essential lessons through a close cooperation with talents in designing, but also playing important roles in designing modern cars in the world. The recently founded companies of BDI-Tisser activities in Iran are following as:

  • Design of a car and related elements
  • All the Engineering activities, BIW
  • Design integration, CAE
  • Prototyping
  • Supports for the Design and Manufacture Engineering, parts production
  • Tests Management, complete endorse of a car and technical/engineering consulting


To the present, majority of the mentioned activities have been done via oversea companies and domestic firms were playing a negligible role in these categories. By making this agreement, private sector will significantly take part in this important field.

This unique movement, which is going to be accomplished in the country in association with an international well-known designing company, not only can cover the lack of the design in the national automotive industry, but also actuate the design and engineering units working in the automotive industry and further fields.



A short introduction of BDI

BDI is a service provider company in automobile design, engineering and Industrial Design, founded by a couple of the Italdesign, Giugiaro former managers, after purchasing this company by Volkswagen.

The mentioned headmasters, who had the experience of 20 years in Italdesign, founded a complex with the aim the service providing in the field of the engineering and design, while they have liberty in cooperation with international customers.

BDI offer professional services (such as Concept, Advanced Engineering and Style) compatible with their customer’s requirements, relying on its trained experts operating in the various departments of the company.

Chevrolet NIVA is one of the recent projects of this company. All design steps, Engineering procedure and prototyping have been done by BDI entirely.

This car is the joint- product of GM and AVTOVAZ, introduced in the latest automobile fair of Moscow, and prized as the best concept of the event by automotive industry press.



Mercedes Will Soon Launch the Car-to-X Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System

Mercedes said it is close of becoming the first automaker to offer ‘Car-to-X’ technology to its customers.

xcartox-2 1035-650x0.jpg.pagespeed.ic.soAwkaMksP

The Car-to-X system will be introduced by the end of this year and will enable vehicles identify possible crashes and warn the driver, so that he/she will have enough time to avoid an accident. When it will be launched the Car-to-X will work through Digital DriveStyle, a smartphone app which receives data and transfers it to the vehicle’s onboard displays.

The system will scan the airwaves coming from emergency services for warnings and also reports on bad weather. As the Mercedes vehicles already come fitted with various sensors, they can also send and receive info on road conditions.

mercedes launch car to x

How it really works? When a car approaches an obstacle, a patch of bad weather or a crash, it will receive warnings from other vehicles which have passed through that area ad the message will be passed on. The notifications have to be manually activated by pressing a button, but the system will not help drivers in urgent situations such as when rapidly approach an obstacle or in wrong-way driving.

“With Car-to-X communication we have made a base technology ready for the market which in the future will enable a new generation of driver assistance systems to be developed,” said Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, the Daimler AG board member in charge of Mercedes cars.


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Consulting and engineering services

Considering the vast demand of industrial manufacturing establishments of Iran for technical and expert associations especially in the areas of research and development and design, Tisser Co. has used the cooperation of globally recognized companies to establish an organization where engineering and design services are offered to car makers, auto part manufacturing companies, and other industrial establishments.