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Packaging Industries

Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.. Read more...

safty systems

The seat belt, being one of the so-called passive safety systems in cars, has resulted in reduction of fatalities... Read more...

industrial design

The role of industrial design as a form of art conducting industry has been getting more and more evident in ... Read more...

Antilock Brake System

Ongoing advance in car brake systems have resulted in reliable systems contributing to increased car safety.

In normal driving conditions, conventional brake systems (CBS) can provide effective and fast stopping for the vehicle. However, in the following driving circumstances, braking can result in locking of wheels which in turn leads to lack of steerability and slipping of the vehicle:

     1-      Slippery and wet roads

     2-      Frightened reaction of the driver

     3-      Errors of other drivers and pedestrians

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Renault-Nissan's Carlos Ghosn says mini-hybrids could compete in Europe


PARIS: Renault-Nissan's new gasoline-electric hybrid technology would be competitive in Europe, Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said on Thursday, as carmakers turn away from diesel for smaller vehicles
The "e-Power" transmission, announced a day earlier by Renault's alliance partner Nissan for the Note subcompact car in Japan, amounts to an electric vehicle powered by a small gasoline generator instead of a large battery.  Carmakers are racing into electrification as Volkswagen's emissions test-cheating scandal hastens diesel's decline and stiffens regulatory resolve. Renault and Toyota are among those signaling a faster retreat from diesel in small cars. Although not emissions-free, e-Power's smaller battery makes it significantly cheaper than electric-only cars and never needs recharging. Fuel economy figures suggest that the carbon dioxide output compares well with traditional hybrid minis such as the Toyota Yaris. "It's definitely cost-competitive with diesel," Ghosn said on Thursday, adding that the new technology "absolutely" would be viable for the European mass-market. Ghosn, who heads both carmakers, was speaking to Reuters at the New York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference in Paris.

A Nissan spokeswoman said: "There are no current plans for e-Power in Europe. But the technology can be adapted to other markets and (vehicle categories), so we wouldn't rule it out." 


measurement laboratory

CMM Labratory

Measurement and accurate measurement data are increasingly being used

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Consulting and engineering services

Considering the vast demand of industrial manufacturing establishments of Iran for technical and expert associations especially in the areas of research and development and design, Tisser Co. has used the cooperation of globally recognized companies to establish an organization where engineering and design services are offered to car makers, auto part manufacturing companies, and other industrial establishments.